Thursday, June 6, 2013

[Chalkboard Tracker] 11 & 12 Weeks

Whoops!  Forgot to update with my 11 week chalkboard photo last week.  I'll be posting for weeks 11 and 12 today.

Lighting was really bad for this photo.  :(

I have not been happy with the way I look in any of these so far. :(

Yay!  3 months!  :)

How far along -
A little over 12 weeks as of today.
Total weight gain/loss - 5 lbs+ 
Stretch marks - None.
Favorite moment this week - Last Thursday I had a prenatal appointment and got to get another ultrasound.  Baby was wiggling around and clearly has little arms now.  :)
Miss Anything - Caffeine; having more energy.

Movement - None.
Food cravings - Sweets and carbs like pasta and rice.
Anything making you queasy or sick - I got sick a few times this week and was starting to worry that maybe morning sickness was finally kicking in, but yesterday and today have been good.  I switched vitamins so that may have been the cause.
Symptoms - Just extremely dry and irritable skin and the previously mentioned sickness.  Also been getting emotional a lot more frequently.  Yesterday I was trying to pick out a wedding card for my husband's aunt and I kept tearing up while reading them because they were making me think back on my own wedding.  Hahaha..
Have you started to show yet - No, but my stomach is very hard and it's definitely not muscles! Haha.
Gender - Unknown.
Belly Button in or out - In.

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