Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[Chalkboard Tracker] 13 & 14 Weeks

Man, keeping up with blogging my chalkboard photos is really difficult!  Haha.  Today I should be posting my 15 weeks board, but since I am behind, as usual, that isn't happening.  Here are my pictures for weeks 13 and 14:

Pretty proud of that peach!  Haha.

Not much of anything yet.  ;(

How far along - 15 weeks today! :)
Total weight gain/loss - 10 lbs gained.  Yikes. 
Stretch marks - None.
Favorite moment this week - I got to see my aunti and cousins for the first time since being pregnant.  It was my cousin's birthday, so my whole family came over to my mom's to have lunch. It was nice to be able to be with my whole family for the first time since finding out about the baby.
Miss Anything - Not having to clean up all my hair that comes out in the shower!
Movement - None.
Food cravings - Gummi worms, which is weird because I wasn't crazy about gummi candy before.  Still craving sweets and carbs a lot.
Anything making you queasy or sick - Haven't felt sick in a while, thankfully.
Symptoms - Dry skin is slowly starting to get better.  I have horrible hair and memory loss though.
Have you started to show yet - Not really.  Maaaaaybe a tiny bit.  
Gender - Unknown.
Belly Button in or out - In.

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