Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update Through Photos

I don't have anything new to share today, so here's what's been going on in my life via my iPhone photos:

So I'll start off with my completion of my first item from my 
2012 Kitchen Bucket List.  Woohoo!  I made Snickerdoodles the
weekend of March 17th for the first time, and they came out pretty good.
They were fun to make because you have to roll them around in
cinnamon and sugar.  Not to mention, they're very easy!  

Later that evening, I celebrated St. Patty's day
with Sara (her blog here), my mom, my mom's husband, and
my mom's good friend.  We went to watch my
mom's friend's band perform at a bar and got way too trashed.
I had a pretty awesome time but suffered from a sever hangover
the following Sunday.

My first true love. ;)

Mr. H had the following Wednesday off, so we went on a date to the movies.
We watched The Lorax, which we didn't enjoy all that much.
We did enjoy each other's company after the movies though.  ;)
What I wore.

Ok, ready for drunk photos?  Haha.  One of my other
closest friends, M, came up to visit from LA last Friday.
He stayed at my home so we were able to spend the whole
weekend together.  Friday night was party time.  I made dinner for him
and two other friends, we ate, and then we got the shots started!
We hit up the gayborhood downtown and spent the whole night
drinking, catching up, and dancing.  

Open mouth syndrome.

Always take the best pictures with her.  Hahaha.

M is the one photo-bombing us.  Haha.

Saturday I had a bit of a hangover, again.  M and I went 
to my favorite Korean spot to get some
good soup and fried chicken.

Dumpling soup (sujeibi), side dishes (banchan), and
fried chicken way in the back.

Last night was Mr. H's day off again and we went to 
the same restaurant that M and I went to have dinner.  We
ate short ribs and spicy noodles and stuffed ourselves until
we were uncomfortable.  I love that my husband is a good eater.

Oh, and I also bought these four new polishes yesterday
on my lunch break.  Rite Aid had another sale going
on for "buy one, get one half off"on all their Sally Hansen's
Xtreme Wear (which are my favorite right now).

Spring colors!

And last but not least, a photo from this morning of my 
silly Ziggy.  He was distracting me from getting
ready because he wanted me to play with him.

Mr. H's birthday is coming up at the end of April and we just booked a two night stay at Mont Bleu Resort in S. Lake Tahoe.  We are both so excited to go away with each other for a couple days and celebrate Mr. H turning 29!  One more year and he will be 30!  I still remember celebrating his 22nd birthday with him (way back when).  This will be my first time going to Tahoe since I've been 21, with one exception for my Aunti's wedding, but we were only there for a couple hours.  We have two whole days together!  Last night we pined over how we wished it was tomorrow.

So that's what's been happening on the other side of this computer!  What about you guys?  Anything exciting happening on your end?


  1. lovely pictures my dear


  2. Aww, looks like you guys had SO much fun!! Man, some of those photos are so funny! I laughed incredibly hard at the "open mouth syndrome" one!! haha Don't know why! It's just so silly! :D

    Glad you girls+M had fun! And how exciting to get away!!! Don't worry, end of April will come fast enough :)