Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keeping Up With Posting

Look at me go!  Two posts in one week.  I'm on a roll, huh?

My last post was all about baby, so I didn't mention that Tomm just recently turned 30.  We didn't get to do anything spectacular, which I was slightly disappointed about since it was his big three-oh.  Tomm isn't into celebrating his birthday though.  It would have been nice to go on a mini-vacation, but I think he was 100% satisfied knowing our baby was on the way.  I thought that was a pretty great birthday present.

We did go out to eat on his actual birthday with some friends (and family).  Nothing big, as he always makes sure to remind me.  We ate at Lucille's BBQ, which is always excellent.  They're a little pricey, but definitely worth it.  Their portions are huge, the food is delicious, and the service is pretty good as well.  We usually sit in the bar area, so that's why I can't say the service is excellent, since service in bar areas is normally and expectantly slower.  For dinner, we shared a two meat combo of pulled pork and tri-tip with two included sides of garlic mashed potatoes and BBQ baked beans.  We originally ordered the sweet mashed potatoes, to try something new, but ended up sending them back.  Definitely not something I would recommend.  We both thought it tasted like baby food.  Other than that, everything was sooo good!  I even managed to sneak in a cake without Tomm having any idea at all (benefit of carrying a massive purse).

Tomm was very happy to turn 30, and in turn it made me happy.  We are moving forward and progressing and never turning around.

Happy Birthday my love.  :)

I finally switched my bangs back to "side swept" as I was getting tired of constantly having to trim them.  I already feel tired of this look though.  Trying to find different ways to cover up a giant forehead is frustrating.  I've had some form of bangs my entire life.  I feel like I look way less attractive without them, but perhaps I'm just not used to seeing my fivehead.  Hahaha.

One other photo I wanted to make sure to share in today's post:

Isn't it full of 90s awesomeness?!  Hahaha.  I visited my cousin (cute bottom-left baby boy) last week and he had tons of photo albums from when we were growing up.  This one was taken at Great America.  It's my cousin and me on the left, and my mom on the right.  I'm not sure how old I am here, and you can't tell but I'm wearing a pretty sweet Pocohontas shirt!  Ha!

I'll finish up with a little update on my pregnancy, even though there's not really anything new, so to speak.  Tuesday marked nine weeks.  Sometimes I get worried because I don't feel any morning sickness and I don't have any food aversions.  But when we went to the doctor the baby was safe and sound, with a little beating heart, so hopefully I have nothing to worry about.  Hopefully I have just been very lucky regarding the morning sickness.  Fatigue, insomnia, hunger, and frequent urination are the symptoms I have been suffering from due to the pregnancy.  I feel very lucky in dodging the nausea. Each day I feel a little better and more energetic.  Tomm and I have even planned a day trip to Stinson Beach for a "babymoon".  :)

Well, that entry was a bit wordy, so I'll end it here.  Until next time.

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