Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Time With My Valentine (Part 3)

So, last post I ended after breakfast on our second day in the city for our Valentine's trip.  After we ate breakfast, we went to H&M to do a little shopping since it was only a couple blocks from the restaurant.  I bought two skirts and a dress.  Mr. H got a suit jacket that he has been needing.  We are not bargain shoppers (although I wish we were), so I won't shame myself by giving away our total amount spent.  Hahaha.

My purchases from H&M.

After our little shopping excursion, we headed down to the wharf.  We wanted to walk around and wait until we got hungry again so we could share a crab, but we were both so full that the walking didn't help much.  I did get an ice cream though and we sat on the pier and watched boats and sea lions and enjoyed each other's company.  The weather was so wonderful throughout our whole trip.  Nothing like salty ocean air!  I bought three bath bombs from Laline (they have a shop on the pier) and got a free hand cream with my purchase.  I won't get into costs for that purchase either, but the bath bombs are great!  After that we headed over to the Ferry Building, which is filled with lots of little shops and places to eat.  We were both full but when we walked by a sign with a special-of-the-day that read swordfish pesto sandwich, we just had to get one.  And it was damn well worth being uncomfortably full for the next hour!  I love swordfish, and I love pesto even more.  It was Mr. H's first time trying swordfish and he liked it a lot.  Probably in my top five favorite fish.  Yum!

After that we decided to go check out the Sutra Baths ruins since neither of us had ever been there before.  It is a beautiful little spot.  We have both been to the city too many times to count, so I was surprised that we'd missed this little gem.  We wandered around the beach for a while before we realized we weren't in the right place.  There was a little spot, however, overlooking the ocean that we did stumble upon that was really pretty (photo to the left is said spot, not the ruins).  Locals were up there with their dogs, so we sat and enjoyed the ocean air for a while before heading back down to search for the Sutra Baths.

Awkward mouth.

So we walked back down to where we parked and decided to go in the opposite direction.  We spotted some other people heading down a little hill, so we followed them.  Once we were at the top of the hill, we looked down, and ta-da, we found it!

We hiked down to that little cave that you can see in the photo above.  It's a really cool little spot.  You can walk around on what I'm assuming used to be the foundation of the bath house.  It is a beautiful view and very romantic if you're into being romantic with your significant other (which we are not!  haha).  After checking out the cave, we went up and around the cliff above the cave to find a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was super windy, but surprisingly not foggy, so we sat up there and hung out for a while before heading home.  We were both already exhausted from waking up early, so hiking didn't help much, but it was worth it.  It was a perfect, relaxing last stop for our Valentine's vacation.

I'll share some more photos of our trip once I find the camera cable (which is still hiding from me).

Happy Monday?  Yeah, didn't think so.


  1. You got some cute items! I can't wait to see the navy dress worn :)

    I've never tried swordfish, but I am not much of a fish eater to begin with.. that's cool it was mixed with pesto! How unique!

    And wow, I never been to that area before, I wanna check it out! What was in the cave? and how big was it?

    1. Thanks! I love the dress, too. I have a similar floral tank dress that I got from Victoria's Secret probably over a year ago. It was one of my (and my husband's) favorite dresses, but it was starting to look too worn, so I was so happy to find this one! :)

      If you're not really into fish, I would think swordfish would be one that you'd like, since it's almost like chicken. It's not fishy tasting at all and it's very lean.

      Definitely something to check out next time you're in the bay. I was honestly a little bit disappointed with the cave because it dead-ends. :( I was totally hoping for a big scary adventure in a creepy cave. Hahaha. But it was still cool to go inside because you can hear the waves from the inside. :)

  2. looooooooooove that floral dress! looks like you had a really nice valentine's day :)

    1. Thanks! :) It was my favorite out of the purchases, too.