Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Time With My Valentine (Part 1)

How was everyone's Valentine's Day?  I had a really nice mini vacation with Mr. H.  I woke up to a silly card and a box of chocolates on the 14th, and then received two dozen beautiful tulips at my office later in the day.  I wonder how many years my husband will remember to do this for me.  Hahaha.  He is so sweet.  Even if it was just this one time, for our first married Valentine's, I would be happy with that.

Pretty tulips from my husband.
Mr. H had the 14th off, so after I got off work we headed out to the bay for our little Valentine's getaway.  We stayed at Hotel Tomo, which I posted some pictures of a couple entries back.  Very cute place!  Mr. H really liked it (it was his first time staying there).  Our room had a mural of cops with doggies in their jackets.  The bed was huge and super comfy, and there were cute paper lanterns and bright colors everywhere.  There was a big window but no view, which we didn't mind considering we only paid $100 for the night. 

Cops with doggies!

Tornado Mr. & Mrs. H

After we made a mess of our room (in the process of getting ready), we walked over to Playground for our Valentine's dinner.  We ate 떡볶이 (spicy rice cakes) and 갈비 (short ribs), and of course rice and 반찬 (side dishes that come with any Korean meal).  We managed to almost finish both dishes (which was a lot of food) and we were so stuffed after.  Food was delicious and worth it though!  We also shared a order of peach soju (soju is like Korean vodka) and were feeling pretty good by the time we left.  It was only midnight and we weren't ready to call it a night, so we went downstairs to a Korean bar called Pagoda.  There is nothing like a good Korean bar where you can smoke inside, don't get carded, and are served good, stiff drinks and salt peanuts.  We had a good time and stayed until closing, and then headed back to our room for the night.

He hates taking pictures.

Good food, good booze.
Drunk husband. 

Mr. & Mrs. H

More photos and stories next week!  I am currently in the process of finding the cable so I can upload better pictures from my camera.  Only iPhone photos for now.

I have this Monday off and am planning on going back to the bay to visit my best friend on Sunday.  Looking forward to taking our woofies to the dog park and possibly having a picnic.  What are your plans for the three day weekend?

Click here for Part 2.


  1. Hey Sunja!!

    Love the photos! Oh man, so cute and hilarious about the TORNADO! haha! I bet it was mostly your doing? :P hehe

    That's so cool with the murals! It's exciting to see which you will get!

    I didn't do anything on my weekend (catch up on sleep!) I hope you had a fun 3 day weekend! :)

    1. Ah, if only it was all my doing! Then I would only have one person to clean up after. My husband is just as horrible as I am when it comes to getting ready. He overpacks and owns almost as much clothes as I do. -__-

    2. hahaha! better safe than sorry, I suppose. lol