Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lunar New Year and Other Things

Rice cake soup for new year.
First off, Happy Lunar New Year!  It is now the year of the dragon, and I am a proud dragon, so this is totally going to be my year, I can feel it!  I made 떡국 (Korean rice cake soup) last night for Mr. H and I.  You can make your own 떡국  by following this recipe.   I made it the the quick way though, with a powder for broth. It is much easier and since Mr. H is only home until 9pm (and doesn't wake up until 8pm), I wanted to spend time with him and eat with him, rather than spend the whole time in the kitchen and then slurp down our soup as quick as possible before he leaves for work. We also got some red envelopes from his family, and I tried my best to tidy up the house.  We are happy and excited for the new year and really hope to get pregnant soon so that our baby can be a dragon like me. 

I have already failed miserably at my 365 project.  I really wanted to complete it this year.  I only made it through the 20th.  Hahaha.  Oh well.  Here the last of my attempted 365 photos:

I'm hoping to post a recipe for my next blog entry.  I created my very own recipe for the first time!  I am so proud of it and can't wait to share!  The recipe is for a white chocolate almond brownie, and I think they are pretty damn delicious!  It took me three tries to get it right, but the third batch was just what I was hoping for. You will love them if you like marzipan.  So that's what you can expect from my next entry (hopefully).

What else?  My memory has been so awful lately. All hell is going to break loose once I get pregnant and have a child, I can only imagine.  Mr. H got a raise at work, so I'm very proud of him.  He is working hard (8-10 hour shifts, 6 days a week), we don't get to spend weekends or even holidays together, and even when we are home at the same time, one of us is most likely asleep.  But his hard work is worth it and he is appreciated by his employer, so I try not to complain that I don't ever see him.  I sure do miss my husband though, a lot.


  1. I can't wait for the recipe! I never had marzipan though. But it sounds yummy!

    How long did it take you to make the rice cake soup? It looks good, but I'm very intimated by "Asian recipes" lol We also don't live very close to an Asian supermarket so I would have to go out my way to buy produces. Unless they're sold at Raley's/Bel Air but then it will be at a premium! :( But I do plan to make a trip, maybe this weekend. I've been CRAVING some Egg Tarts and Sponge cakes and BBQ pork Bao.

    Even though you missed a bit of photos you should still continue :)

    If you don't mind me asking, where does Mr. H work? I can't believe he has to work 6 days a week!!! Is that legal? But understandable if they love him and he likes what he does :) Sadness that you don't get much time together. Maybe you guys can take a little vocation in the Spring? :)

    1. I was hoping to post it today, but left the recipe at home, so maybe tomorrow. :)

      The rice cake soup takes maybe 10-15 minutes when I make it. I've never made it the "traditional" way with the anchovies like the recipe I posted. I just make it the way my mom and grandma always made it for me growing up. You only need 4 ingredients: powder beef broth, rice cakes, egg, and seaweed. I just boil the broth and throw in the rice cakes and then add sliced fried egg and seaweed.

      Bel Air charges ridiculous prices for Asian groceries. It blows my mind. Don't you live in Roseville/Rocklin area? There is actually an Oriental Market out there now on Harding. :) And I love BBQ pork Bao. Mmmmm. Now I'm craving that too!

      He works at a card room in South Sac as a banker, so that's why he has shitty hour. They never close. We are hoping he can move up and out of the hood though, soon! hahaha. We are trying to plan a mini-vacation for Valentine's, so we'll see if it actually happens. :)

    2. I'll have to try the rice cake recipe, I like that it's a quick one!

      I live in Natomas :( The closest Asian market is on Broadway but I hate the freeway!
      Very exciting to plan the mini vacation! :)

  2. you are too cute! i hope you tell your husband, so maybe you guys can take a vacation together soon. congrats on making your first recipe, that sounds really hard! and for your memory, make sure you are getting enough sleep, enough iron and enough vitamin D/sun. i live in a house full of girls and a dad that keeps up with all the latest science, and around here we are always complaining about our memories lol and those are the things he says are most important/effective for memory. :)

    1. Awww thank you! :) The sleep is probably what makes my memory so awful. I have terrible insomnia and rarely get good sleep. I am iffy about taking prescription sleeping medicine though because I don't want to be dependent on them. Just started following your blog, beautiful photos! :)